• Gender: Gelding
  • Born: 2004
  • Coat color: Chestnut
  • Studbook: BWP


  • Competition level: 1m60
  • Information:

    Csn Hulsterlo:2th place GP
    Csi Auvers 2th week:2th place & 6th place GP 1m50
    Csi Auvers 1st week: 3th place in GP 1m50 & 11th place in 1m45
    Csi Lier: 4th place in 1m40
                      9th place in GP 1m50
    Csi Opglabeek: 8th place in 1m45

    Csi St Lo: 6th place in 1m45
                       10th place in GP 1m50
    Csn BK: 11th place Final BK
    Csi Brussels: 2th place GP 1m45
                               5th place in 1m45
    Csi Bonheiden: 4th place in GP 1m50
    Csi Maubeuge: 3th place in GP 1m55
    Csi Lanaken: 4th place  in GP 1m50

    Gold cup: 4th place in GP 1m45
    Csi** Mechelen: 9th place in GP 1m45
    Gold Cup: 3th place in 1m40
    Csi** Auvers: 9th place in 1m40
    Csio Odense Nations cup: 2th place with Belgium team
    Csi** Opglabeek: 8th & 13 place in 1m35
    Gold Cup Azelhof:9th place GP 1m45

    Winter cup Moorsele:4th place 1m35 6th place 1m45
    Csi Zandhoven: 11th place 1m45
    Csi Beervelde: 11th in GP 1m50
    Csi Royan: 7th in 1m50
    Csi Mons: 4th in 1m45 and 7th and 9th in 1m50
    Csi Le Touquet: 8th in 1m50
    Csi Maubeuge: 3rd in GP 1m60
    Csi Lummen: 7th in 1m45
    Csi pottes: 4th in 1m40
    Gold Meerdonk: 4th in 1m40

    Csi Mechelen: 8th in 1m45 and 4th in 1m40
    Csi Roosendaal: 7th in 1m35
    Csi Liège: 6th in 1m35
    Csi St LO: 10th in 1m35 and 6th in 1m40
    Csi Bonheiden: 7th and 2 time 8th place in 1m40
    Csi Auvers 2: 12th place in 1m40
    Csi Auvers1: 5th and 6th place in 1m35
    Csi Royan: 7th place in 1m35
    Csi Bonheiden :5th place in 1m40
    Csi Aalst: 8th and 9th place in 1m40
    Csi Marcq en Baroeul : 8th place in 1m35
    Csi Hulsterlo: 8th place in 1m35

    6th place national cyclus 7 years old Horses 2011
    Cyclus Hasselt : 5th place 7 years old horses
    Cyclus Courriere: 2th place 7 years old horses
    Csi*** Aalst : 6th place 7 years old horses
    Cyclus Gesves: 9th place 7 years-old horses
    Cyclus Aalter: 2th place 7 years-old horses
    Cyclus pottes: 3th place 7 years-old hores